#MindfulMonday | Your Story, Your Gift

Nothing has greater influence on any aspect of your life than your story, or what you tell yourself is right, true, or possible.

Personally, professionally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, or financially, this story informs every move you make.

And it doesn’t matter where the story started—except perhaps as a point of reference for how far you’ve come. What matters is what that story is now, and that it is written to serve your greatest good in all the categories of life.

Pick one category of your life.

Write a statement in reference to it that starts with “I am . . .” Tell how you’d like to be in this area, as though it’s already true.

Next, choose three actions you will take to align your external environment with this new internal truth.

Schedule these actions, complete them, and celebrate them every step of the way.

Before you know it, your external and internal realities will tell the same powerful story.

​​​​​​​Take every opportunity you can to serve others with your story.

Head to Heart

copyright 2014 Jenifer Madson