#MindfulMonday | Releasing Anger  ​​​​


Anger is not who you are; it’s something you call up, an emotion that has enormous power to hook you in, and hold you down.

Unless it is motivating you to find a solution, anger is a debilitating distraction.

If you look at it, at its core anger has no more shape, color, or location than what we imagine it to have.

Do that: sit, call up your anger over some person, place, or thing, and try to actually locate it. Pinpoint exactly where it sits, imagine a size or shape to it, a color or density or weight.

When we look at anger this objectively, we find that it is nothing more than a confused appearance of our mind.

Knowing this, visualize anger dissolving, dissipating, and being replaced with an emotion and intention of far greater value.

Head to Heart

copyright 2014 Jenifer Madson