#MindfulMonday | Inspiration Overload

We are inundated with so many messages meant to move and inspire us—words and pictures and videos, from our tablets and computers and phones and readers and blogs and websites and email and social media and tweets—so much so that it all starts to run together and lose its power . . .
​​​​. . . maybe leaving us a little breathless from the sheer volume of it, which isn’t the main intent of all these well wishes, I’m sure.

We’re in danger of losing our ability to be truly moved because we are spending so little time with so much information, rather than truly studying, contemplating, and taking action with fewer messages for greater impact.

So step back and ask yourself which sources of inspiration speak to you. Commit to following that advice for a time, letting all the extra “guru speak” go for the time being, so that the messages can regain power for you.


Head to Heart

copyright 2014 Jenifer Madson