Mindful Leaders Academy™, Winter 2015-2016

I love this time of year. More specifically, I love looking back, not to second guess a single thing, but to identify any “second strategies” that will make us more impactful than ever in the coming year. So, my team spends as much time and energy—maybe more—on identifying what went right and what we’ll repeat, as on what we’re committed to improving.

Our biggest joy this past year was the growth of Mindful Leaders Academy. We are so proud for the executives who came together to master the leadership skills and mindset that would make them more impactful to those they serve, themselves included. These brave executives got up, they got moving, they dug deep and got vulnerable and shared private fears and best practices and truly established themselves as a community. I couldn’t have been happier to facilitate the environment that supported their individual and collective genius.

Of equal joy was the addition of two new coaches to our team, Will Matthews and Deena Goodman. It was clear early on that if we’re to serve as many leaders as possible, that I simply had to leverage the talents of master coaches with extensive experience in the demanding corporate and business environments we serve. The idea that I was the one and only person who could support our executives was a “sacred cow” that had to be forcibly tipped. And it no sooner fell that we were presented with opportunities to serve three times as many people as I could alone.

Client Appreciation party, September 2016

We also identified myriad processes that need to be tightened up to scale our reach as a firm, so we fine-tuned our strategic plan, our operating principles, and our working procedures, and committed to living from these directives as best we can on every given day.

What’s ahead for Mindful Leaders Academy?

  • Micro-learning modules available through virtual delivery for global impact
  • Adding additional master coaches to our bench
  • Academy scholarships for emerging young leaders
  • My book on the strategies and mindset for agile and impactful leadership
  • 500 academy members worldwide

Mindful Leaders Academy™, Winter 2016-2017

These are big goals, I know. I also know, without a shadow of a doubt, that when we help people pause, breathe, find their innate genius and couple that with their extensive industry knowledge and our elite success strategies, that we create powerhouse leaders that positively affect their clients and firm and family and community and self in immeasurable ways.

And that’s a year to look forward to.

I’d love to hear your successes and strategies—please share your comments below, and here’s to a powerful 2017!