#MindfulMonday | Defining Yourself


We create identities, consciously or subconsciously, that are not always a full expression of our potential.

For instance, do you see yourself as smart, and not just in a “book smart” way? Some of us think we’re only really smart if we have some kind of advanced degree in an important field; that it doesn’t really count to be clever or “street smart.”

But smart is as smart does—the official definition of the word includes “savvy” as well as “brainy.”

In that case, you have probably proven yourself to be pretty smart about a lot of things.

In order to see ourselves in a fresh new light, perhaps we need a fresh new definition in order to break out of our old identity.

Pick a new word that perfectly describes you, or pick a new definition for an old word.

Change the word or change the meaning of the word; the intention behind the word is what matters most.


Head to Heart

copyright 2014 Jenifer Madson