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In Part 1 of this blog series, we talked about executive presence—how you’re seen—and how to engage a higher level of professional conduct through your attire, body language, and energy.

Part 2 emphasized how great presence leads to a distinctive personal brand (or what you’re known for), and how to further shape people’s experience of you based on compelling stories and displays of your innate talents, expertise, and values.

Your keen attention to your presence and brand for the sake of inspiring those you serve are the first steps to significantly elevating your professional profile, taking you from “doer” of specialized tasks to “driver” of people and strategies.

At Mindful Leaders Academy™, within the category of professional profile, our members place special emphasis on the self-assessment of their leadership influence, business acumen, and network reach.

Business and global acumen means you understand how your industry affects the world and how the world affects your industry, can spot trends, and consistently connect the people with the plans that will lead to the most favorable outcomes for your clients and firm.

Armed with that knowledge and strategy, you build great reach through strong, cooperative networks.

None of this happens without influence, or the ability to encourage, train, and support the people you lead to meet measurable outcomes and affect change. And influence doesn’t happen unless you understand human behavior, or what drives people, because people are what drive everything else.

While we humans are quite complex, with our myriad personalities and histories and desires, we are influenced by very core psychological and social needs: certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, and growth and contribution.

For instance, I am very driven by growth and contribution; I must feel like I’m making a difference in my personal and professional life to be fulfilled, and will work harder for that than a paycheck. Consequently, I am drawn to leaders who support me on that path, and even more so to those who shine a light on how to be increasingly effective for others.

It doesn’t take much to discover that about me either: a simple conversation about what matters to me and why reveals language that you can clearly associate with the need for growth and contribution.

However, if you try to lead me by advocating for my personal significance, while I certainly can intellectually understand the strategy, I won’t be moved by it. Significance just isn’t my “thing.”

Learn these basic needs and have the conversations that reveal which of them resonate most for each person on your team, and you will build deeper, more meaningful connections with them than ever. This is the foundation for the mutual trust and understanding needed to discover and close any gaps in skill and motivation to meet the goals of the organization.

Combine these skills of connecting with people and moving them to strategic action with your world and industry knowledge, and you will create a powerful professional profile and reach that drives highly profitable, fulfilling, and impactful businesses.